Often salon/spa owners don’t realize the power of mobile apps for their business.
However, once we explain the following facts, the lights seem to go on for salon and spa owners and they get how important app marketing can be.

  • A mobile app will put customers in chairs
  • A mobile app will keep them connected with their customers
  • A mobile app will help them put more money in their bank account
  • All Social Media is INSIDE the app
  • Customers are no longer looking for your info online YOU ARE INSIDE THEIR PHONE
  • Customers can make appointments from the app
Jigami is a chain of hairdressing salons based in Malta that is getting great download numbers,
tremendous engagement and hosts some brilliant information.
Their app has been packed full of excellent content from wedding services and beauty tips, to
a loyalty program and appointment feature!
This is a prime example of how an app should be done for a hairdressers, so lets go ahead a
take a look under the hood to see how they are getting so much success
Jigami have a whole host of great loyalty offers on the go at any one time. Let’s take a look.
  • Gelish Toes/Nails
  • Get a Gelish service free for every 5 ordered
  • Botox Hair Treatment Get a free botox hair treatment after every 5 ordered.
  • Make Up Service
  • Scalp Massage
  • Scalp/Hair Conditioning Treatment.
All of the above are buy 5, get 1 free offers. This is a fantastic way to get your customers coming back for more.
Repeat customers is what every business wants as it’s much cheaper to service an existing client than it is to try and get a new customer onboard.
Customer acquisition is where most businesses spend the bulk of their money. New customers can be expensive to come by through marketing,
so it’s really important to make your existing customers want to come back again and again as well as to  entice the new  customers with great offers.
Your customers will be sharing their app “at the water cooler” with their friends.