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Social Media- the New Frontier

If hundreds of potential clients were gathering at a local venue, would you go to the meeting? OF COURSE YOU WOULD!

That is exactly what social media is. People are gathering in “rooms” that have no time or space constraints.

Selling has changed.

Interruption marketing has been replaced with Social marketing. When you want to sell an idea, good or service, you have to go where your audience is- and they are on Social sites. Today, that simply means you have to be on social media.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc., allow users to stay in contact with one another, sharing ideas, videos, updates, news, recipes, etc. Social media is exactly what it means: a place to be social, to share media and more.

Successful Social Media Skyrockets Businesses

One popular method of getting others into the conversation is called “hashtagging.” A hashtag (the pound sign followed by a keyword that represents the topic e.g. #SocialMedia) gets people to join the conversation, yourself included.

We help you join the conversation

Joining conversations get people interested in your product on social media. Once they are following you (or “liking” you or “friending” you or whatever), your content will go directly into their newsfeeds. And that, my friend, is what you want and need!

  • When this happens, you have a direct line to your consumer to tell them anything you want. This means you can talk about your new product line, and give them the information they need and want. Start your social media campaign today!

Social Media FAQs

Q: Should I be on more than one social media platform?

A: You should be on as many social media sites as you will be able to keep updated. A poorly kept social media site is worse than no social media profile at all. It also makes no sense to be on social media sites if your target audience isn’t using them.

Q: Is social media marketing free?

A: Yes and no. Most of it is free. However, it takes somebody who understands social media to develop and execute a social media campaign.  Studies have shown that dollar for dollar, it is more cost effective to hire an outside firm rather than relying on partially untrained staff who have a partial understanding of a vital area of your business.