What an App Can do for Your Church

  • Dramatically increase communication. Each separate group of volunteers can receive
    • changes
    • cancellation notices
    • reminders
    • all social media posts is accessed via the app

“Dana did a great job for us in building us a new website. It is sharp and easy to navigate! He knows his technology and never stops until he finds the answer he needs! We really appreciated his hard work and his easy going manner. We are very excited about the App he is building us now. It will be state of the art and enable us to minister to thousands more around the world. We highly recommend Dana! ”
Len and Cathy Mink

  • Advertise special events
    • Meeting reminders
    • Responsibilities
  • Teaching, preaching, instruction
    • Links to church messages
    • Links to other messages
    • Words or scriptures of encouragement at set times weekly or randomly

Len and Cathy Mink
embassy of Hope App

  • Volunteers
    • Password protected for individual church teams
    • Schedules
    • Lesson plans
    • Sheet music
    • Dress code
  • Finances
    • Give through the app
    • Integrates with existing donation platforms
  • Parishioners can give to special projects by making purchases through the app.
    • Has the ability for parishioners to purchase personal household products through the app
    • Cost remains the same for online products
    • Supports Amazon, Walmart and EBay online purchases

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