QR Codes will Make Your Business Soar –  Let QR Codes Make the Sale


Unlock the secrets to a fantastic QR campaign


There are six common mistakes that are often made when using QR codes.


Problem 1 : Too small to scan

Solution: Make it loud and show it proud! You want people to see and scan your QR code so don’t be afraid to amp up the size a little! Too many people are printing QR codes smaller then an inch or two and half centimeters. This can create many problems when trying to scan in low lighting and if your QR code has a lot of information (like a vCard) then it might not scan at all! Yikes! So make sure you are printing and displaying your QR codes as BIG as possible!


Problem 2: Black and white QR code

Solution: Chances are you know the solution to this and a good amount of you have probably already fixed this by getting yourself a custom branded QR code, Branded QR codes help you gain the trust of your audience and it gives them an idea of what they are in for when the scan your QR code. Customizing your QR code also helps you stand out from the black and white QR crowd. Need help? Contact Dana Prieto


Problem 3: No mobile website

Solution: When someone scans your QR code, do not send them to a full blown website…especially one filled with flash elements…and huge image files. Many people are still in 3G and Edge network only areas, and iPhones don’t even support flash that many websites use. Optimize your mobile site to make an incredible user experience.  Contact us and we’ll build one for you.


Problem 4: No tracking and non dynamic URLs

Solution:  Tracking lets you know just how well your QR code campaign is going by giving you data on when, where, and how people are scanning your QR codes. As needed, be sure to change where your QR code is going so that your client always has a relevant and current experience.


Problem5: No compelling offer or incentive to scan

Solution: Tell me why you I should scan your QR code over the rest in that magazine! Are you going to give me a coupon or show me a badass new movie trailer? Tell me what I’m in for and you will gain my trust and my scan!


Problem 6: No clear instructions

Solution: QR codes are still a fairly new concept for many people. Tell people how to get a QR code scanner and how to scan your QR codes. Leave out this detail and you may as well flush your advertising money down the toilet!

You can’t afford not to do QR codes.

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