Marketing You Can’t Live Without


  •  The average person watches 33 videos per month

  • 100 million people view videos online daily

  • 90% of all online shoppers have reported that a video on a major retailer’s website has been very helpful when it comes to their shopping and buying decisions.

  •  The average viewer spends almost 17 minutes a month watching ads online


Three Benefits Your Business Gets from Making a Video

As if that weren’t enough, here are three more reasons that your business needs to incorporate videos into your marketing strategy:

  1. Videos Attract People Who Learn Visually. Not everyone acquires knowledge in the same manner. Some like to read content, some like to look at data charts and others like to watch videos. Videos are unique in that you can attract both audio and visual learners at the same time. Plus, videos can condense a lot of information into a short period of time, making it perfect for the multi-tasking, on-the-go consumer who doesn’t have time to read your brilliant content.
  2. Videos Make You Human.  A video helps you put a personal touch on your brand. Show your human side and build confidence in your audience.
  3. Videos are Engaging. When your lead is watching your video, they are engaging and that, my friend is what you want. Not only are they watching, they are listening, they are clicking and they are reading any information you put on the screen.


Video Marketing FAQs

Q: Can I make my own videos?

A: You certainly can, but be wary of producing poor quality videos with bad audio or shoddy camera work as these can be detrimental to the quality image your brand is trying to portray. Hiring a professional video marketing team isn’t that costly and your results are guaranteed.

Q: Will videos work for any business?

A: Indeed they will, depending on how you go about it. Videos do work better for certain industries over others, for example, businesses that have complicated products see a lot of benefits because videos simplify their explanation (showing instead of telling).