Take 30 seconds to answer these questions and find out why your business isn’t producing customers:

True or False:

1. The only thing my company needs to increase sales is to build a great-looking website.

False: Your competitive edge business probably has a great looking website. But that’s not all it takes. Potential customers have to be able to find it. Statistics show that unless you business is on the first page of Google, your website won’t be found and you will lose business to your competitors. Most industries have hundreds of thousands of competing websites. You need to find out how to stay ahead of the pack. There are hidden secrets that only the experts who stay on the cutting edge know about.     

2. Any website can be optimized to bring customers running to your front door.

False: In today’s web 2.0 world even a 4th grader can build a great looking website. Getting qualified prospects to your website to is the tricky part. Becuase Google’s algorytms are constantly changing, it takes constant study to stay ahead of the internet competition. What worked 6 months ago doesn’t work today. In fact it changes so fast that colleges can’t stay current and choose not to teach SEO to their web students. Becuase before the curriculum can be released, it’s already outdated! It takes constant study of reports, webinars, and blogs from industry leaders.

3. A tech savvy person who is already on staff can move your business to the front of the line where all the action is.

False: Technical savvy is not the same thing as a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert. The tech guy is like a general practitioner. A SEO expert is like a brain surgeon. Would you use a general practitioner to remove cancer of the brain?  No, you would go to the expert in the field to get the results you can’t live without.

4. Every industry has different internet marketing needs.

True: People look for services locally and globally for the local business getting found in local search is much better than being found in a local search. Over 80% of searches have local intent. People search locally for bulky items that are too expensive to ship.  Service industries like dentists, plastic surgeons, lawyers, roofing contractors, landscaping, veterinarians,  restaurants and pool builders to name just a few of the local types of businesses that can rake in new clients and score big time on the internet. Small items that ship easily are searched for on a national or global level.

 5. An honest SEO company can only work with one company per city in an industry. 

True: In a race, only one person wins. It would be impossible for the same company to represent two businesses in the same industry in the same city. It would be just like playing chess against themselves. Someone has to be at the top and some one has to be number two three four or five. Only one savvy business will make it to the top.  


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