Best Marketing Method for Cafes and Coffee Shops!

Why are apps the best marketing method for cafes and coffee shops? The simple answer is your company is now INSIDE your fans phones!

And that means you can do Push Notifications!

Push What? Push notifications are sort of like texts but they come in through the app instead of text. The messages show up on a user’s mobile phone screen even if they have their screen locked. With push notifications you can:

  • Let customers know about special offers, something that is new in the store.
  • Use can use the users location to send them a notice.


There are some great benefits to push notifications?
  • They have a 100% better chance than email of being read.
  • half of the people who get push notifications,  say they are useful.

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Oh Yeah and then there are Rich Push Notifications

Rich push notifications include a picture or video. The stats prove that rich push notifications helps your message stand out. If you were a restaurant you might send out a pic or a video of a new menu item.

Speaking of menu items here is where it gets really good

If you are a restaurant or a store people can order AND PAY inside the app and have their order at your location waiting for them. ( or if you have a delivery service they have paid via the app so no collecting cash at the door)