Did you know with careful planning and posting on Facebook ONLY 16% of the people who like you vapor store page will see your post? Not to mention Facebook will NOT allow you to do advertising!

Want to take your vapor store sales to the next level? Of course you do and I am sure you have tried Facebook and other social media, email marketing. text marketing, coupons, groupon, loyalty card marketing, and they all work to some degree. Depending on your clientele some of these marketing platforms  will work better than others for your store.best marketing method for cafes and coffee shops

Does needing more vapor store customers keeps you up at night?  If you`re like me, you probably feel marketing can be very frustrating to say the least!

I am sure you have a tom of sales people stopping in the store and promising their newspaper, radio station or phone book is the answer. With all tat noise it becomes difficult to determine fact from fiction. And if you`re on a tight marketing budget it makes it extremely difficult!

But now I`m happy to tell you we`ve developed a solution. Up until now the solution was reserved only for the BIG box stores with their Big marketing budgets.

What we have been able to do is take what the big box stores have been paying tens of thousands of  dollars for and be able to offer it to even mom and pop vapor stores for pennies on the dollar!

Our solution includes it all:

  • All your social media
  • Loyalty cards
  • Coupons
  • Text marketing well actually better than text marketing with better open rates than text marketing
  • Built in revenue for you to sell neighboring businesses coupons if you choose

We build vapor stores apps for far far less than our competitors.With an app you are now INSIDE your customers phone you no longer have to cross your fingers and hope they see your Facebook post or open your email! If you would like to know more just reply to this email and you can also CLICK HERE to see a video on how apps help local businesses compete.