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Dana Prieto Internet Sales Guru When I analyzed what it was I liked most about the businesses I have either owned or worked for, I realized it was sales. Since I was a child, I have always been thrilled about making the sale. As fate would have it I ended up working for the top names in motivational speakers and sales trainers like Brian Tracy, Tom Hopkins, Jim Rohn and Ron Marks. One day I had an epiphany and realized ALL sales were heading to the web. The problem was I knew nothing about internet sales. So I went to school for internet marketing. I quickly found out schools don’t teach much about helping companies get more business from the web. Schools teach about web design and code-writing. Both of those are needed as a part of web marketing but the rest, like how to get on top of the search engines you have to learn on your own. What I think I love most about this business is taking the 40 years of sales experience and helping my clients to get sales from the web. I love being their guide through the internet jungle.


graphic artist tulsaKim Schiavone Graphic Artist.

With a recently completed graphic design and illustration degree, I am excited to be bringing over 30 years experience in communication, art and customer service to the online and print arenas. Having worked in many industries such as small business, retail, public schools,

childcare, non-profit, healthcare, home improvement and interior decoration, I feel well prepared to help small businesses. I am deeply analytical which provides the ability to take apart information put it back together in a way that effectively communicates.

I love getting to use my creativity and artistic skills to help others express their visions and ideas. Being challenged to translate the elements of conceptual ideas by — incorporating emotions, feeling states, and great design — is at the top of my “how to have fun” list. Your story is very important to your success in today’s world, and I can’t wait to start working on the best way to tell it. Let’s get started!



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Judy McLean Web Ad Copy Writer- Crafter of Words

After graduating from high school, I looked forward to the day I would finish my education. I married young, so my 20’s and 30’s were filled with raising children, work and volunteering at my local church. I always loved to write, so in my 40’s, I seized the opportunity to continue my education and finish my degree in Journalism and Mass Media. Since graduating, I have written blogs, websites for clients, newspaper articles and so much more. I find writing a creative outlet. I see myself as a word crafter. My art is the written word. Through words, I paint a picture. But, like any art, there is always room for improvement. I really enjoy rereading what I have written and improving it each time. I am addicted to learning, so I always want to improve my writing as I see how connected it is to our client’s success. It’s fun! This website is a great example of my style. But, the important thing about writing is to always reflect the voice of the person I’m writing for. It’s all about you, not me! Let me help you with your next writing project.

Are you stuck in the online marketing madness and you don’t know what to do?

Well, you have come to the right place. Every day, Everlasting Enterprises, Inc. helps to guide small and medium-sized companies just like yours. We help you make sense of internet marketing and develop a plan that works for YOU.

  • Do you feel like everything is moving to the web and you’re barely moving?
  • Maybe you already have a website, but no one knows you’re there.
  • Are you still struggling to understand what a QR code is and if you need one?
  • Worse yet, have you found your business is being bashed on the internet by a certain someone?

Have no fear, We are here!Your job is to run your business and you know your product well. Our job is to help you gain more business through the digital world. Call Dana Prieto to get started today