Hey Pat, nice meeting with you today. Here are prices on doing web work for you.

homeguard google

Fix the google business page: Claim page change address, change from Door supplier to Construction, Roofing or remodeling (you get two choices) I will do the branding on the page. Also we will answer the complaint on there and refer them to angies list

Similar to how I have branded these pages below however will use your logo etc.

Price for this is 197.00
















New Website: your site is showing may be hacked now. I do not think it is may have been at one time see graphic below

Will have to register site with Google to let them know the site is not hacked and has no viruses. Will need to know where you are hosting the site to build another site on your server. Will build a new site write content and use stock photos (unless you have some good photos that are not too small) Link site to google plus page and to facebook business page

Cost for rebuilding website writing content etc is $850.00 normally I will not do a site for less than 1500 but trying to give you a break since you will be doing other things



Facebook Business Page: set up FB business page similar to this one I set up https://www.facebook.com/hotelsinclaremoreok/

You will be responsible for adding content to the page You have to have a personal facebook page to do this. Will Brand facebook page with same branding as the website and google plus page (it should all match but the dimensions are different)

Cost for setting up Facebook Page is $150.00


Something else you may want to consider is  having me do a couple videos from the good reviews here are a couple I have done for some local businesses:



Will Create 2 videos like the above will need some pics of remodeling or roofing projects has to be a LARGE photo I may need to take these my self
will create a youtube channel for you and brand the youtube channel has to work across many different devices (see graphic below) I will upload these videos to the channel then as you do jobs you can add videos that you make your self

Price for doing this is $350.00 (notice how the YouTube version has to work on all the different devices somebody could be viewing it on)

arrival3d Facebook Tulsa